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About Coaching #01

About Coaching

Life coaching can:

  • help any aspect of a person’s life whether it is personal or business
  • assist people to positively deal with any aspect or change in both their personal and professional life
  • help people to reach a greater level of professional fulfilment
  • assist in finding their motivation
  • be a sounding board.

Daily work can be both stressful and demanding and when coupled with financial pressures and can put undue strain on relationships.
Increasing numbers of people are turning to life coaches for help, clarity and focus to move forward.

The success of life coaching is very dependent on the strength of the client's desire to change.

Many life coaching sessions are conducted face to face. However life coaching via Skype and also phone is increasing in popularity. This is due to a variety of daily pressures and the mobility of the adult population.

Generally the first coaching sessions are often free and are designed to gain an overall perspective of someone's life before identifying which are areas to improve or those areas they are unhappy with.

During the following sessions the coach and individual will agree goals to work towards and then the individual sessions will be broken down further still:
Each session will equip the clients with further goals and techniques to work on before the next session.
The life coach will facilitate this and during the session develops and presents different ways of how to look at things. In time the clients should develop a more positive outlook as they realise their increasing achievements. There is homework to do in order to establish positive habits.

Are you ready for life coaching?

Take the quiz now:

Are you ready for life coaching (personal, professional or both)?
Find out NOW

What you need:
A few minutes
Pen and paper

Well done for taking action!

Step 1
Which important area in your life has a gap between where you are NOW and where you want to be?
Write it down!
Where are you on a scale of 1-10 (1=dissatisfied,10=satisfied)
Write it down
What would a 10 look like? (What would you be doing, how would you be feeling, what would you be thinking?)
Write it down

So is this your dream?
Let's see where you are on your journey

Great so far

Step 2
Where are you currently? (What would you be doing, how would you be feeling, what would you be thinking?)
Write it down
What is holding you back from achieving a 10? (It might be what you are doing or not doing - it might be how you are feeling or it might be what you are thinking - perhaps a belief?)
Write it down!
What single action could you realistically take to step closer to your dream?
Write it down!


Clarity - See things more clearly?
Are you ready to take action on this small step NOW?

It is time to create! Or perhaps this has identified further blocks or gaps - wrigglers that are tricky to pin down by yourself?

Now -
You have just experienced some micro coaching?
If you are still not sure but would like to have a chat (FREE, no obligation, no commitment) please DO contact to see if I can help you.

Please do let me know on a scale of 10 how helpful you have found this exercise.

Love to hear from you by phone, text or email if you have a question.

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